Air-Ads 36ft (11M) RC Zeppelin Outdoor Radio Control Blimp Advertising Airship for Aerial Photograph and Construction Work /2 days on site training (TPU+Nylon)

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11M Professional RC blimp, use for science research, emergency help, work on contruction site, river project

 * Price includes 2 days on site training 

Specifications: * Airship Length: 11 meter High: 2.7 meter * Control system: Japan FUTABA Remote control distance: 2000 meters * Volume of blimp balloon: 39 m3 * Payload: 10 kg * Speed: 0-40km/h * Endurance: 150 mins * Minimal turning radius: 40 m * Resistant of wind: ≤ 17m/s,7 grade;

Standard settings: 1. Remote-control: FUTABA controlling system(1 set) 2. Power: Japan electro-motor (4 sets); Move back and forward; 3. Steering gear: 1 set (4 pieces) 4. Airscrew: 1 set; 5. Internal Air pressure control: Automatic, controlling valve added 6. Tethered rope: 2 pieces 7. Cabin room: Aluminum, radio receiver and batteries are inside it. 8. Landing gear: 1 set, attached under the cabin room 9. Batteries (Not included): Lithium batteries

Note: * For on site training, customer is responsible for providing helium and hotel fee for our pilots. * We are responsible for travel ticket and food.